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The Nail Polish Sisters is a freeform conversation between Jami Belushi and Bella Giannulli as they explore a topic each episode that they're passionate about and/or want to learn more about with experts and friends.

Their show is a friendship simulator in the best possible way.  With the help of their audience, they will try to navigate the unanswered questions of life. 


Each episode leans into a specific topic. From the everyday conversations, such as love & dating to shame and self-worth, to the excavations into artistic processes, business structures, mental health struggles spanning through one’s lifetime, and everything in between.  By the end of each episode, you’ll forget the guests are ‘experts’ because they become friends. 


To them, there is not a right answer. The importance of this podcast is the discussion and the results of new knowledge. 



by Bella

Jami Belushi, a true legend of our time, you just don’t know it yet.

Let me fill you in… although choosing a frozen yogurt flavor is a matter of life and death to her (cue the drama), when it comes to the people she cares about, the drama dissipates and she becomes your personal therapist. Jami has the wisdom of a monk who has been practicing for 70 years smashed into a 22 year old’s body.

Not only does she approach life’s biggest dilemmas with empathy and grace, she has the rare ability to lighten a situation with her sophisticated and smart humor, while still validating the emotional turmoil at hand. You don’t need a therapist if Jami is in your life. 


by Jami

Isabella Giannulli, but yeah,
you can call her Bella.


Tough as nails, until shes sees an old
person eating alone at a restaurant or an
animal in need.  Embarrassment is not a word in her vocabulary; she’ll fall out of her chair at a restaurant and not check for a single reaction. Her sarcastic wit could send you to your mom crying, but deep down inside you’ll respect it. 


Don’t worry, she’ll never sugarcoat it, but she’s always there to remind you of your worth. You don’t need a lie detector with this gal because she only speaks the truth. If you want lip service, look elsewhere.

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